Coach supervision

As an Institute, for many years, we have supported people, teams and organisations that are aware of and/or facing the issue of professional exhaustion or burnout. Today, professional coaches provide increasing support to people confronted with this issue. In the face of growing demand for information from coaches on this subject, in 2012 we decided to offer them a supervision service.

This supervision is reserved exclusively for professional coaches who support those directly affected by professional burnout.

The supervisor's membership of the Institute guarantees the coach :

  • A framework and context suited to the development of a position appropriate to supporting those affected by burnout. 
  • An in-depth understanding of the psycho-medical aspects enabling them to refer their client to the appropriate experts, if necessary.
  • A systemic view enabling them to clarify the complexity of the situation experienced by their client (and themselves) and develop working hypotheses.
  • A supervisor trained in the practice of supervision.

There are multiple objectives to such a supervision :

  • To analyse the actual situations which the coach is facing.
  • To develop a better knowledge of the physical, psychological, emotional and behavioural aspects of those affected by burnout.
  • To reveal the mistakes to be avoided when providing support.
  • To develop the human qualities essential to their support: humility, patience, caring, diligence and respect.
  • To take a step back for better management of the transfer/counter-transfer in order to protect themselves from burnout.

An interview with a supervisor from the Institute is required before the start of any supervision, which is then made official by the signing of a Supervision Agreement.

For any additional information about supervision, please contact Roger Ortmans, Senior Coach and Supervisor
0477 46 95 32 – roger.ortmans@burnout-institute.org