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Inform and demystify

Defining burn out, its manifestations, consequences and personal and company-wide prevention. Focusing on the absence of blame and the importance of shared responsibility. Personal prevention measures and those for the company.
The objective is to demystify the subject, to ensure that all employees are "on the same page" and adopt a common language for everyone.


Through seminars and interactive workshops (in-house and external) on prevention methods and strategies. See the list of our seminars.


"You and your team succeeded in giving us the feeling that our daily challenges were truly understood. So, our brains understand the impact of stress, professional exhaustion and how to recognize the signs and symptoms leading up to a crisis; what actions we could implement when we are feeling stress. A recognition that we need to look out for each other, and a common language in order to do so".
C.H.; Senior Director Clinical Operations;
Pharma CRO. Brussels.