Crisis management

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We intervene in the event of crises within companies (traumatic emotional shock, work-related suicide)

The five stages of our interventions

  1. Set up a crisis unit with members of management, social partners, occupational health, etc.
  2. Set up a monitoring unit (the name and telephone number of available psychologists are sent out).
  3. Psychological intervention on site (within 48 hours max. of the request)
    • Information gathering (management, HR, staff safety committees, etc.)
    • Circumstances and action taken by the company.
    • Psychological screening: identify individuals and services at risk and support team managers or departments.
    • Determine the intervention strategies.
    • Prioritise psychological care and urgent deadlines.
  4. Establish a clear and empathetic communication with employees
    • Avoid underplaying or denying the event.
    • Demonstrate the employer or management's respect for the victim with .regards families and colleagues.
    • Advise of the presence of an available expert psychologist or psychiatrist.
    • Inform of the objectives and practical actions to be conducted.
  5. Actions
    • Support groups and debriefing meetings.
    • Individual interviews, telephone follow-up.
    • Direct people towards an external mental health specialist, if necessary.