"Well-being" survey - Diagnosis

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Based on simple indicators and field observations (e.g. absenteeism, attractiveness, resignations, turnover, mistakes, complaints, etc.), we offer online or paper surveys which are used to detect risk factors and identify populations in difficulty.

The surveys are based on scientifically proven assessment and statistical tools (ensuring confidentiality and privacy, internationally validated assessment scales, calculation of relative risk factors, reduction in the risk of error (% of significant probability), etc.

The surveys are used to identify parameters that must be adjusted in the work organisation to avoid burn out among employees.

Our method has provided a representative participation rate in the range of 60% to 70% in some companies.

These surveys enable the employer to comply with the recommendations of the laws on preventing psychosocial risks in Belgium, France, etc.

Belgique : Royal Decree of 10 April 2014 on preventing psychosocial risks at work (10/04/2014; Moniteur belge 28/04/2014)
France : General Obligation of Prevention L 4121-1; Drawing up the Single Document.


"Sending the survey through the Institute for Research and Intervention on Burn Out helped to guarantee confidentiality and to ensure the trust of the staff, which resulted in the large number of responses (700 responders; 70 % of the total population)".
"The study has highlighted the need for in-depth analysis of the problems in order to reach a collective and systemic solution. It has demonstrated that we are co- responsible for the situation and that, therefore, the solutions lie within the company".
A.F.L; Change Manager.
Partena. Mutual Health Insurance Company Bruxelles.