Individual - Team coaching

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Prevention coaching for individuals and teams (6 to 12 sessions), with a view to prevention, this is a means of

  • distancing them from events,
  • implementing protective measures,
  • consulting external health specialists if necessary (doctors, psychologists, etc.),
  • reviewing personal stress management strategies,
  • adopting effective (self) leadership and (self) management strategies,
  • rethinking priorities, values, the meaning of the work.

Coaching can be used to prevent a breakdown leading to an interruption in professional activity, a deterioration in health, weakening of the social and family balance and an impact on the company's performance (absenteeism, risk of contagion, direct and indirect costs, etc.) 


"With the help of you and your team, I have developed the following strategy to avoid falling in the same pitfall twice: distinguish when I can change the environment and when I can't:

  • avoid organizations with lots of emotions;
  • be much more clear with my signals;
  • take time to reflect ;
  • working harder and longer than normal leads to disillusion;
  • work in environment where there are talents and brains;
  • beware of eagerness to get evolved and turn it around, tendency to downplay the warning signals;
  • beware of "bull running at the red flag" tendency".

Manager. International Pharmaceutical Company.

"After your intervention, I keep working on the problem via coaching sessions. (… )I observe that absenteeism is quasi non-existent (..)
I observe more exactness in the way they operate, they organise the work. They schedule the work in a more efficient way".
Directrice Secteur Soins Santé
Canton de Vaud Switzerland.