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European Institute for Intervention
and Research on Burn Out

The European Institute for Intervention and Research on Burn Out and its employees offer companies and organisations a GLOBAL method for diagnosing and implementing strategies for preventing psychosocial risks, already proven across Europe since it was founded in 2007 by Dr Patrick Mesters.

Our aim is to establish and preserve a balance between "well-being" and performance within companies and organisations.


Depression, burn out, trauma, exhaustion: inside the minds of doctors

11 march 2018

Yet rarely do we stop to consider the psychological toll a doctor’s work takes on them. In my work as a psychologist specialising in helping doctors, I have seen at close quarters just how serious this toll can be. The emotional and physical strain experienced by those in the medical profession is described in my new book, Also Human: The Inner Lives of Doctors, in which I’ve tried to shine a light on the hidden cost of medicine. For more than 20 years, I have met doctors dealing with depression, burn out, extreme trauma, exhaustion, anxiety, and a whole host of other problems, which they must somehow set aside while powering through long shifts helping others.

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